Annicken R. Day

Founder & Culture Strategist,

Corporate Spring

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Prepare to be amazed by the incredible Annicken R. Day, a true pioneer in leadership and organizational culture! With over two decades of experience shaping global workplaces, her human-centric approach has revolutionized the way we think about leadership and organizational culture. As one of the first Chief Culture Officers and Culture Strategists and working for TANDBERG and Cisco, Annicken has left an indelible mark on leaders, teams, and companies worldwide.

Renowned as a global keynote and TEDx speaker, Annicken has been recognized as an authority in her field, earning praise from #1 NYT Bestselling author Adam Grant for her gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy.

Today, Annicken is blazing a trail for diverse leaders, from startup founders to Fortune 500 executives and teams, in fostering thriving, high-performing innovation cultures. But that's not all - alongside her professional endeavors, Annicken is also a bestselling author, with her novel "Fly Butterfly" taking the world by storm. And if that's not exciting enough for you, she also hosts inspiring self-leadership retreats in the stunning Tuscan countryside. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by this incredible force of nature!