May 31 - June 2, 2023

A better world is possible and it starts now. Reconnect with Katapult in Oslo.

In the spirit of collaboration and building movements of change, KFF23 is delighted to have The Conduit and S-HUB Summit as co-hosts of the festival, together with our media partner, The New York Times.

The future is

Katapult Future Fest welcomes a global community of change-makers to explore how impact investing, business leadership, and exponential technologies can be harnessed to create a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable future society for all.

There’s a need to address problems beyond symptoms and look at the root causes. By combining forces with The Conduit and S-HUB Summit, we aim to broaden the impact dialogue and strengthen our efforts toward solving the world's grand challenges. A collaborative and co-created gathering, with Systems Change at its core, this year's joint curation of KFF23 will take action and risk, and be brave and bold in contributing to better futures.

Interactive programme

A uniquely curated programme across KFF's three core pillars: impact investing, transformative technology, and future society. You can expect overlapping and intertwined panel discussions, workshops, debates and keynotes, delivered by world leading experts, and involving you in the mix!

Output-driven sessions

Through its collaborative platforms, KFF aims to carry these conversations and actions forward, beyond the fjord and festival "walls" and further than the individual attendees. When you leave KFF, it is your responsibility to take back what you have learned and share it, so that this movement can continue to spark and grow.

Solution-oriented approach

KFF provides a forum for inspiration and visionary discussions on how impact investing and transformative technology enable solutions towards a better future society. Our Solutions Stage will also host startup pitching, storytelling & open-mic sessions to create an environment that encourages audience interaction and solution-oriented debate.

Dinners, parties & more

In addition to curating quality content, creating opportunities for socialising and connecting are important parts of KFF. You can expect shared meals, outdoor activities, live entertainment, culture & art experiences, evening parties, and more! Be sure to stick around for our flagship community dinners in the homes of local attendees!


Instead of putting together just another conference, KFF is created as a festival with an informal atmosphere and varying activities and experiences happening simultaneously. We want people to be able to drop their shoulders and have fun together while discussing important issues. And we believe that by sharing experiences on a deeper level, stronger connections can be made and collaborations can arise.

At a glance

Katapult Future Fest is a chance to come together to reimagine, redefine, and recreate a thriving future society for all...

Investor Day

May 31

Decidedly not a day of pitches, but rather a day of programming dedicated to those wishing to explore the genuine pursuit of creating lasting impact. Investor Day brings together those at all stages of their impact investing journey to share knowledge, insights and experience. An opportunity to inspire one another and to turn knowledge, networks and toolkits into impactful results.

Festival Days

June 1 - 2

Across the three core pillars of impact investing, transformative technology, and future society, there will be a full programme dedicated to sub-themes which will run concurrently throughout the days. Attendees will be able to choose how to engage with the themes in a range of formats, including: panel discussions, hands-on workshops, solution pitching, storytelling sessions and more.

Voices of Katapult

Our sponsors & collaborators

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Investor Badge

For investors

The KFF23 Investor Badge grants you access to Investor Day on May 31st, as well as the full festival program on June 1st and 2nd, including community dinners and a fantastic afterparty.

  • 3-day conference pass
  • Investor Day access, May 31
  • Optional Investor Dinner add-on, May 31
  • Full festival program, June 1-2
  • Community dinners, June 1
  • Afterparty experience, June 2

Corporate Badge

For corporates

The KFF23 Corporate Badge grants you access to Corporate Day on May 31st, as well as additional corporate programming on June 1st.

  • 2-day conference pass
  • Corporate Day access, May 31
  • Additional corporate programming, June 1
  • Optional add-on festival day, June 2 (additional cost)

Festival Badge

For everyone

The KFF23 Festival Badge grants you access to the full festival program on June 1st and 2nd, including community dinners and a fantastic afterparty.

  • 2-day conference pass
  • Full festival program, June 1-2
  • Community dinners, June 1
  • Afterparty experience, June 2

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Oslo, Norway

3KT will host KFF's afternoon festival-style programming to give you the full summertime Oslo experience - with 3 curated parallel stages/tents, amongst plenty of open space for connecting and reflecting. Investor Day and festival plenary sessions will be held at Sentralen, a unique historic bank building offering beautiful spaces from the marble hall to the winter garden cafe to the old savings bank vault.

Come visit Oslo for KFF and get a taste of the beauty, uniqueness, and fun that Norway has to offer!

Look forward to seeing you in Oslo!