Samina Vabo Ansari

Founding Director,

Vabo Ansari

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Samina Vabo Ansari is a highly accomplished professional with a background in Cyber Security Law and Diplomacy. She is the founding partner at Vabo Ansari A/S and the founding director of Avyanna, a platform that connects social entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Central Asia to Europe for sustainable growth and stability.

Ansari has implemented several large-scale social impact projects for organizations like the United Nations, the European Union, and the World Bank, among others. Her work focuses on human security, inclusive economic growth, diversity, equity, and inclusion, cyber security, and geopolitical risk. She has lived and worked in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she actively worked towards inclusion in the peace process.

Ansari utilizes international law, political philosophy, cross-cultural understanding, and theory of change in her work to foster positive global change and unite the world with feminine leadership through dialogue and connection.