Jennifer Ayer

MD, Co-Lead Impact Strategy, Global Wealth Management

AlTi Tiedemann Global

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Jennifer Ayer’s career in finance has been a journey of discovery, from investment banking at UBS in New York to pioneering impact strategies at AlTi Tiedemann Global. She has refined her expertise in investing and estate planning, guiding families through the complexities of wealth management.

Her passion for making a difference led her to a healthcare project with UCSF, where she contributed to the Care Ecosystem Toolkit, an innovation for dementia patients. This experience not only deepened her resolve to align finance with positive societal impact but also sparked her interest in advancing health as a key theme in her initiatives.

Now, as Managing Director and Co-Lead of Impact Strategy, Jennifer merges her financial acumen with her commitment to sustainability. She’s instrumental in advancing discussions on the purpose of wealth and promoting investments that reflect values of climate change, inclusivity, and health. Additionally, she is a strong advocate for women-led funds, underscoring her belief in the transformative power of diverse leadership.