Professor James Goodwin

Director of Science and Research Impact

Brain Health Network

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Professor James Goodwin is a renowned figure in the field of brain health, serving as the Director of Science and Research Impact at the Brain Health Network in London. With a diverse background that includes roles as a Visiting Professor in the Physiology of Ageing at Loughborough University and Honorary Chair at Exeter University Medical School, James is deeply committed to advancing our understanding of cognitive health.

Recognized as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a founder member of the Global Council on Brain Health in Washington, DC, James has dedicated his career to translating scientific knowledge into actionable insights for improving lives. His best-selling book, 'Supercharge Your Brain', exemplifies his passion for empowering individuals with science-based strategies for leading healthy, fulfilling lives.

James's journey from his early days in the British Army during the Cold War to his current role reflects his unwavering commitment to service and learning. Through his experiences, he has cultivated invaluable virtues of humility, compassion, and moral integrity, which guide his work in addressing one of the most pressing global challenges: dementia.