Dougie Sloan

Managing Director, Impact Venture

Better Society Capital & ImpactVC

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Dougie Sloan is the Managing Director of Impact Venture at Better Society Capital (BSC) & a co-founder of ImpactVC. At BSC, he plays a key role in supporting venture capital funds that help mission-driven startups across the UK - by backing VC funds that invest in impactful startups, pushing the boundaries of impact practice in venture, and collaborating with others to amplify the great work they are doing.

As a co-founder of ImpactVC, Dougie has helped create a global network of venture capitalists dedicated to learning about impact and investing in impactful initiatives. ImpactVC brings together leaders in venture capital and builds open-source tools and training resources on impact – aiming to unlock the impact potential of venture capital. His commitment to building a community that accelerates the impact of venture capital is a testament to his visionary investment approach.

Dougie also serves on advisory boards for the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), where he shares his insights to help shape the future of impact investing in venture capital. He has also taught at the University of Oxford and other prestigious platforms, aiming to educate and inspire the next generation of impact leaders.