Jenny Grettve

Architect & Strategic Designer,


Jenny Grettve
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Jenny Grettve is a highly accomplished strategic designer and director of When!When!, a pioneering feminine systems change agency. With the core belief that everything is deeply intertwined, Grettve and her team actively test projects on systemic transformation, focusing on possible futures from soft value perspectives mixed with hard wired economy. Their work has been phenomenal, especially in the field of urban renewal programs and societal issues.

Grettve is a trailblazer who has won Sweden's first award in Design for Systemic Transformation for her work on the new public space ANON. With a Master's degree in Architecture from Lund Technological University, Sweden, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, Grettve is also the co-founder of Plastic Letters Press and runs Horizon Manifestos, a highly regarded publication that collects brief thoughts on economic futures from around the world.