Shannon Lövgren

Strategic Partnerships Enthusiast and Sustainability Advocate

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Shannon's unwavering dedication to forging partnerships that catalyze social impact is truly inspiring. With a global footprint spanning diverse sectors, she has been instrumental in creating positive change that has touched countless lives. Currently, Shannon is shaping a Sustainability Advisory for C-Suite executives while serving as the Partnerships Manager for Accessibility Cloud, a leading web accessibility scale-up.

Her journey is a testament to the power of impactful roles, including fueling the expansion of the philanthropic-backed investment firm Acumen in the Nordics, where she secured millions for poverty-alleviating ventures. At ICLD, Shannon refined her skills, training global leaders in sustainable development and overseeing 150+ sustainability projects in Africa and Eastern Europe.

From firefighting to managing a $37M humanitarian aid program for USAID, Shannon thrives in navigating complex challenges with integrity and innovation, inspiring all those around her with her infectious energy. Shannon brings a fresh perspective to every endeavor she undertakes, reminding us of the importance of staying committed to our goals and making a positive difference in the world.

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