Wietse van der Werf

Founder & CEO

Sea Ranger Service

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Wietse Van Der Werf is a visionary social entrepreneur and conservationist dedicated to revitalizing our planet’s ecosystems while empowering young people through sustainable job opportunities. His groundbreaking initiatives forge unconventional alliances among businesses, governments, and communities to drive positive environmental and socio-economic change.

As the founder of Sea Ranger Service, Wietse leads efforts to protect our oceans by operating conservation ships and deploying Sea Rangers for large-scale seagrass restoration. Through strategic partnerships with universities and government agencies, his organization tackles marine conservation challenges head-on.

Recognized as an Ashoka Fellow in 2018, Young Business Talent in 2019, and European Young Leader in 2020, Wietse continues to inspire and mobilize individuals and organizations worldwide to join forces in safeguarding our planet for future generations. Join Wietse at Katapult Future Fest 2024 to learn more about his innovative solutions and collaborative approach to environmental conservation.