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Grant Mulligan is responsible for Climate Sustainability investments, specifically in the areas of nature-based solutions and decarbonization technology, at AlTi. Before joining AlTi, he worked at NatureVest, the in-house impact investing team of The Nature Conservancy. Grant began his career as a wildlife biologist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University and a Master of Environmental Management degree from the Yale School of the Environment.

Growing up, he spent his summers living in the Wisconsin countryside with his grandparents. The last summer before college, his grandfather gave him A Sand County Almanac, with an inscription on the first page that read “to remind you of your summers in Wisconsin and how nature is a part of us.” Those summers, that book, and his grandfather’s inscription inspired him to become a wildlife biologist. But while working to reestablish endangered species back in the wild, he felt too removed from the problems causing the near extinctions he was trying to prevent. Since then, he has been on a quest to break through the barriers separating economic progress and environmental health by finding and operating investments that help humans and nature thrive side-by-side. Not only is this vision achievable, but he is optimistic that we are well on our way to a land ethic that provides and protects.