Dr. Lili Jassemi

Co-Founder & CEO,

Avantgardist Institut

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Lili is a seasoned expert in multicultural (virtual) collaboration and high-performance team development, particularly within complex digital, diverse, and decentralized environments. Drawing from her recently published doctoral thesis on trust, global virtual teams, and performance, as well as her innovative work on leveraging Burning Man as a blueprint for future organizations, Lili spearheads transformative initiatives as the CEO and co-founder of Avantgardist Institut. Through interactive keynotes, leadership, and team training sessions, she pioneers new approaches to work and education by integrating collective human and hybrid intelligence.

With a rich background spanning crisis regions, the EU, and the art world, Lili's personal journey as the daughter of an Iranian refugee informs her mission to cultivate a global network of inclusive changemakers. As a founding partner of PLANETIR, a global coalition dedicated to the UN's inner development goals and sustainable (social) technologies, Lili serves as a Community Leader and orchestrates the "Conscious Women Circle" in Munich and beyond.