Alexandra Pittman


ImpactMapper and Havn Hus

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Alexandra Pittman stands at the vanguard of impact technology, storytelling, wellness, and social justice. Celebrated by Entrepreneur Magazine as an innovative tech founder, she is the visionary behind ImpactMapper. As Founder and CEO, she has introduced a software tool and consultancy that empowers entities to track, visualize, and enhance their social impact initiatives. With 19 years of experience, Alexandra has been a strategic advisor to global leaders and organizations such as UNDP, UN Women, IKEA, and the Malala Fund, among others. Her guidance has been pivotal in helping these entities define their missions and broadcast their impact narratives effectively.

Alexandra’s academic journey, which includes a PhD in Sociology and Cultural Psychology from Boston College and a Senior Research Fellowship at Harvard University, underpins her expertise in areas like impact management, gender equity, and responsible AI. Beyond her digital influence, she founded Havn Hus, a retreat center in Norway, embodying her dedication to sustainability and wellness. This serene space is a testament to her belief in the synergy between personal well-being and planetary health, offering transformative experiences that align with her profound commitment to creating a positive impact on society.