Tasmin Vosloo

Impact Strategist and Journalist

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Tasmin Vosloo is an impact strategist and journalist, specializing in leading documentary projects. In her most recent projects, she executive produced the series "Open Secrets" for VICE, uncovering systemic social justice issues in six different countries. She has also story-produced "The Letter," a solutions-focused environmental feature doc with Pope Francis, and associate produced “Going Circular,” a feature film that documents the concept of circularity through experiences of visionaries who’ve led the way to rethinking our systems.

Additionally, Tasmin directed and produced The North Face’s “Period” (unreleased), a documentary exploring the systems of gender inequity in elite sports and how the menstrual cycle can be used to power female athletes by just opening the conversations. She also produced “Older Than Trees,” a marine conservation film sharing hope for the future of keystone species - sharks and rays - and the global ecosystems whose health depends on the survival of these creatures.