Martin Hullin

Director, Digitalization and the Common Good,

Bertelsmann Stiftung

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Martin Hullin, a visionary in the realm of digital policy and sustainability, serves as the Director of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s “Digitalization and the Common Good” program. Since October 2023, he has been at the helm of crafting innovative strategies that bolster the common good on a global scale.

With a rich background that spans continents and sectors, Martin’s expertise in international digital and data policy, cutting-edge data sharing frameworks, and AI-driven sustainability initiatives is unparalleled. His career trajectory has taken him through influential roles in Washington D.C., Geneva, Paris, and Berlin, including impactful work at the United Nations Environment Programme and the German Development Agency.

A co-founder of the Datasphere Initiative, Martin has been a driving force in shaping global multistakeholder policy networks. His insights and contributions have graced prestigious platforms like the UN World Data Forum and COP conferences. In recognition of his trailblazing efforts, Martin was awarded the Future of Data Award in 2023.