Danny Almagor

Chief Philosopher,

Small Giants

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Danny Almagor OAM is a leading figure in the Impact space, co-founding Small Giants, Australia’s pioneering B-Corporation and 100% Impact family office. With a diverse background spanning engineering, international development, business, and education, Danny's visionary leadership drives social and environmental change through innovative initiatives.

As Executive Chair of Small Giants, Danny has been instrumental in establishing over a dozen for-profit and non-profit organizations, including Engineers Without Borders Australia and The Sociable Weaver Group. His commitment to impactful ventures extends to leading initiatives like the Impact Investment Group and Sentient Impact Group.

At Small Giants, Danny spearheaded the creation of Small Giants Academy, a dedicated not-for-profit accelerator, education, and media initiative. Through transformative programs such as the Mastery of Business & Empathy (MBE) and Impact Safaris, Danny empowers individuals to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future.