Sabine Flechet

Co-Founding Partner,

Masawa Fund

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Sabine Flechet is Co-Founding Partner at Masawa, a newly launched venture capital fund designed to support European founders catalyzing wellbeing and mental health. Masawa invests through a unique approach, Nurture Capital, which selects and enhances leadership effectiveness, founder and team wellbeing, and social impact, minimizing human capital risk and adding 1.5x to financial outcomes.
With a diverse background in private equity/investment banking at HSBC and strategy consulting at Solon Management Consulting, Sabine joined LeadX Capital Partners, a venture capital fund operating across the food-tech value chain, where she invested and built a portfolio of 70+ companies in the pre-seed / seed stages.

Sabine is also a Senior Venture Advisor at the Purpose Foundation, identifying new forms of venture capital investing and sustainable governance, including regenerative economy models and steward-ownership frameworks, addressing the pressing needs of leaders and entrepreneurs while safeguarding the planet and society.

Sabine holds an MBA from INSEAD, which she continues to support as the founding member of the INSEAD business angel club in Germany: she holds 11 startups in her business angel portfolio. Sabine is also a fervent supporter of the French-German cooperation, building bridges across the Rhine to scale European champions as the Vice President of La French Tech Munich.