Dr. Christian Busch

Bestselling Author of "The Serendipity Mindset" and Business Professor,


Christian Busch
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Meet Professor Christian Busch, PhD, an expert in purpose-driven leadership, innovation, and cultivating serendipity. Christian's research has been published in leading journals and has been featured by outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. He has co-founded Leaders on Purpose, an organization that works with Fortune 500 CEOs to prepare their companies for the future. Christian's work has been recognized globally, and he is a CAPITAL Top 40 under 40, and on the Thinkers50 Radar list of the management thinkers "most likely to shape the future." He obtained his PhD from the LSE.

Christian believes that life is full of chance encounters, changing plans, delayed journeys, human errors, and other mishaps. But, what if we could use such unpredictability to our advantage? Christian has spent a decade exploring how unexpected encounters can enhance our worldview, expand our social circles, and create new opportunities. He believes that serendipity, or "active luck," can help individuals and organizations leverage the value in the unexpected to create innovation, impact, and good luck. Christian will discuss his latest research on serendipity and how it can be used to create positive change. Join Christian to learn how unexpected encounters can change your life for the better.