Doreen Irungu

Founder and Coordinator,

Ustawi Afrika and NAWFAT (Network of African Women in Food and Agri-Tech)

Doreen Irungu
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Doreen has been recognized as the recipient of the 2023 Sodexo Stop Hunger Award for Africa, and she has also been named a finalist for the prestigious Caroline Drummond Award in the UK. She is highly experienced in community development, holding a higher diploma in community development and a Bachelor of Commerce in general and agricultural engineering.

As the founder of Ustawi Afrika, Doreen is a pioneer of sustainable solutions that empower communities to thrive in the face of adversity. Her commitment to sustainability and impact-driven leadership has led her to foster resilient ecosystems, promote economic growth, and empower communities while addressing important issues such as water scarcity, food insecurity, and environmental degradation.

Doreen's unwavering dedication to collaboration and innovation drives her vision of a world where all individuals can flourish. By fostering resilient ecosystems, economic growth, and community empowerment, she embodies the spirit of impactful leadership, igniting hope and driving tangible progress in the face of daunting obstacles. She is a disruptive thinker, a solution-oriented problem solver, a creative strategist, and an architect of positive change.