Joshua Haynes

Co-Founding Partner,

Masawa Fund

Joshua Haynes
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Joshua Haynes is one of the highly acclaimed Co-founding Partners at Masawa, which has proudly established itself as the world's first mental wellness impact fund. Masawa wholeheartedly invests in individuals who are leading the way in catalyzing mental wellness. With the help of its unique Nurture Capital approach, Masawa aims to optimize leadership effectiveness, founder and team wellbeing, resilience, and social impact, thereby reducing human capital risk and undoubtedly improving outcomes.

Prior to joining Masawa, Joshua proudly served as a diplomat in the Obama Administration, where he managed an impressive $190 million social impact portfolio. Additionally, he is the founder of a highly successful social enterprise that has successfully closed the information gap in emerging markets. Furthermore, Joshua has a vast experience of working as a software developer and designer across five continents. Joshua holds degrees from Boston University and The Fletcher School at Tufts University. He is a multilingual personality and has a happy family of four, residing in Berlin.