Iva Ogrizovic



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Iva Ogrizovic is the Director at Diversify and People & Culture Partner at Diversify Consult, where she spearheads transformative solutions to workplace and societal challenges. A visionary strategist, Iva’s work spans multiple sectors, from leading Entrepreneurial Incubators and Accelerators to conducting cross-country research. She drives key initiatives such as The Blaze Inclusion Award, The Annual Gala, and various Mentorship Programs that unite critical stakeholders.

Iva excels in co-designing and delivering comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) training and development programs at workplaces across the world. Her strategic approach ensures that DEIB principles are seamlessly woven into organisational cultures, actively practiced, and sustainably maintained. Her unwavering commitment to promoting equity and fostering inclusive work environments catalyses profound change within organisations.

Passionate about puzzles and fascinated by the human capacity for learning, growth, and transformation, Iva is equally enthusiastic about her personal interests. Outside of her professional endeavours, she enjoys dancing, watching films, hiking, and is deeply engaged in Body-Oriented Therapy.