Boris Burkhardt


CapitalT VC

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Boris Burkhardt isn't just a professional field hockey player; he's a venture capitalist with a keen eye for the game of innovation. His journey on the field has instilled in him the power of persistence and the significance of a growth mindset. Boris knows that to score in sports, as in the investment world, sometimes you need to skate back to leap forward.

Overcoming challenges is second nature to Boris. Each setback has been a stepping stone, making him not only stronger but also more precise in his execution. With a stick in one hand and investment strategies in the other, he maneuvers through the entrepreneurial arena with the same focus and determination as he brings to the rink.

Boris' investment philosophy is shaped by the belief that with resilience and strategic execution, any goal is within reach. He is driven by the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship, and his passion for supporting innovative ideas is unwavering. For Boris, it’s not just about funding the next big thing; it's about nurturing the impact unicorns that will transform our society.