Katapult Future Fest 2024

Fellow Visionaries

Let’s gather May 29-31 to envision a better world and create it together as a community. See you in Oslo!

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Katapult Adventures x Havn Hus

Connect, charge & make unforgettable memories against the breathtaking backdrop of Norway pre or post KFF!

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While we plan, and play with the endless possibilities for KFF24, you can enjoy a discounted ticket! Join us now.

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Let's Gather

Our KFF24 tagline is a call to action; an opportunity to be part of a global movement committed to driving positive change.

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Welcome to KFF24 – our seventh Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, May 29-31. Designed explicitly for impact investors, tech entrepreneurs, and purpose-driven change-makers.

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The future is

KFF24's tagline "Let's Gather!" means more than just a conference. It's a call to action and an opportunity to join a worldwide movement that aims to drive positive change. We plan to create new paths, share new stories, and challenge the limits of what we believe is possible.

"Why are we gathering in Oslo?" you might ask. Well, Oslo is a stunning city in a country renowned for its high levels of trust, supportive welfare systems, and breathtaking natural beauty, including forests, fjords, and saunas. The city is ideally situated between blue and green, offering a unique blend of urban and natural landscapes to explore!

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Our Story

Since 2017, the KFF organization has been at the forefront of bringing together a diverse and expanding global network of impact investors, change-makers, and value-driven entrepreneurs.

Katapult Future Fest is a non-profit movement that strives to make a positive impact on society by building a strong ecosystem. KFF has been working tirelessly over the years to develop and host a robust, purpose-driven community that prioritizes action and investment.

At our events, we aim to uplift voices that are often marginalized, initiate discussions about bold and innovative concepts, and inspire constructive transformation. This is our seventh year, and we welcome you to join us in a purpose that goes beyond personal aspirations.

View KFF23 website
View KFF23 website

Fostering Collaboration & Change

In a world where disconnection and polarization are rampant, Katapult Future Fest firmly believes in the power of physical interactions to foster belonging, collaboration, and inclusion.

We recognize the significant impact of communities where shared values, meanings, and new narratives for better futures can be created. KFF is a space to practice acceptance, build trust, plan, and achieve things together. That's why we gather.

Our Boutique Approach

Katapult Future Fest is all about vibrancy and participation, creating an immersive environment that encourages engagement, spontaneity, and action. This dynamic approach transcends conventional meetings, encouraging ingenuity and teamwork.

The selection of participants is a crucial factor in shaping the success of the gathering. Your diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise contribute to a rich collective experience, challenging assumptions, and broadening discussions.

Global Ecosystem

The Katapult Future Fest ecosystem is a group of highly influential individuals, including impact investors, tech entrepreneurs, and business leaders, who are unequivocally dedicated to making a positive impact.

Over the years, KFF has brought together a diverse group of individuals, featuring hundreds of voices and contributors from more than 40 nationalities. The community is fully committed to delivering exceptional results and has a record of accomplishment of achieving outstanding outcomes.


This event is where startups and investors can spend quality time together over multiple days, creating lasting relationships beyond the usual startup events. It's not just about pitching your ideas, but also about having authentic interactions and meaningful conversations.

We aim to bring together capital, talent, companies, and startups to accelerate the shift toward a more sustainable world by showcasing profitable businesses with a positive impact.

The Dialogue

Have you ever wondered how to tackle challenging and uncomfortable topics? Complex discussions can lead to excellent outcomes and transformative ideas and solutions. Think of it like an oyster that needs grit to form a pearl.

Let's dive into the cool stuff like future literacy, conscious capital, systems change, epic narratives, and technology for good. You know what they say – good communication avoids conflicts, while bad communication leads to them. So, let's create a chill and safe space where we can listen to each other, ask questions, talk about tricky subjects, and spread good vibes.

Katapult Adventures

Are you excited for the upcoming Katapult Future Fest, KFF24? We have some amazing opportunities for you as an attendee to make the most of your week in Norway. Together with a selection of travel and experience hosts, we'll be co-creating a week full of unforgettable memories in Norway.

To stay updated with Katapult Adventures opportunities before and after the festival, sign up for our newsletter below. Prepare yourself for life-changing adventures and explore the picturesque nature and lifestyle of Norway.

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Festival Overview

Ready to challenge yourself, learn by doing and actively engage with others? Our interactive sessions, including speculative design workshops, explore complex societal structures. We foster creativity, teamwork, and community, encouraging innovative thinking, partnerships, and growth.

Investor Day

May 29

Investor Day is a special event designed exclusively for investors. This year's event is divided into three main categories: Private Wealth, Venture Capital, and Foundations. This is to cater to different needs for connecting discussions and collaborations and to tailor the design of the dialogue to best facilitate innovative themes and topics. The morning and late afternoon sessions will be more high-level and will consist of plenary sessions before the deep dives.

After Investor Day, the KFF24 festival days kick off in the evening at The Conduit Oslo to bring together the KFF community. The evening event is open to all ticket holders.

Festival Day 1

May 30

Let's dive straight into the post-scarcity society and start exploring what-if questions. We'll examine how resilience and adaptability are essential assets in this context and how the paradigm may shift from ownership to stewardship. We'll also adapt the concept of mental sustainability in an era of constant change and uncertainty.

Get ready to explore various exciting sub-themes and activities such as Systems Change, Future Literacy, Impact Tech Startups, Reimagining Capitalism, Ethics and AI, Quantum Computing, Empathy Labs, Art walks, and more. Finally, we'll wrap up our day by attending our well-known Community Dinners.

Festival Day 2

May 31

The final day of KFF24 promises to be an unforgettable event! As a participant, you can actively enhance the Katapult Future Fest experience by organizing in-person meetups and activities. This is also a time to celebrate our achievements and reflect on our experiences together. You'll have a unique opportunity to reminisce and relish the moments shared during the conference.

So, please mark your calendars and prepare to join us for a grand celebration on the last day and evening of Katapult Future Fest 2024!

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Voices of Katapult

Our Commercial, Content and Community Partners

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Investor Badge

For Investors

The KFF24 Investor Badge gives wealth holders, impact VCs, and foundations access to Investor Day on May 29, as well as the full festival program and experiences on May 30-31.

  • 3-day Future Fest Pass
  • Investor Day Access, May 29
  • Full Festival program, May 30-31
  • Community Dinners, May 30
  • Afterparty Experience, May 31

Festival Badge

For Everyone

The KFF24 Festival Badge grants general attendees full festival access on May 30-31, as well as invite to the kickoff May 29, Community Dinners May 30, and the Future Fest May 31.

  • 2-day Future Fest Pass
  • Full Festival program, May 30-31
  • Community Dinners, May 30
  • Afterparty Experience, May 31

Startup Badge

For Low Income Change-Makers

A trust-based option available for selected startups and scaleups. Grants you access to the full festival program on May 30-31 at a discounted price.

  • 2-day Future Fest Pass
  • Full Festival program, May 30-31
  • Community Dinners, May 30
  • Afterparty Experience, May 31

The Community



Oslo, Norway

Discover the wonders of Norway's beautiful nature, join us at KFF24 in Oslo!

We look forward to connecting, collaborating and co-creating with you!